Start of the GSoC 2016 Project

This is the post excerpt.


This is my blog detailing the progress on the GSoC project – ‘Octave Symbolic Package‘… The results were out on 23rd April 00:30 a.m. (IST – GMT+5.30)

The official octsympy project can be found on github:
My fork of the project can be found on my profile:

After the commencement of GSoC 2016, the following PR has been merged already:
which deals with some tests failing on windows due to new scripts not being loaded into octave cache.

We are currently working on deciding the upcoming goals. The main goal would be to get PyTave working with octsympy and replace the existing approach of using popen2 to communicate with python.

This project has a long way to go before completing its goals…

I look forward to the exciting journey ahead 🙂

Author: genuinelucifer

I love coding, working on open source projects specially. Even making my own games, softwares... Learning new technologies has always been my cup of tea. :)

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