Progress Report: 31st May 2016

So, according to the timeline that we decided, the first phase has been complete. The timeline stated:

30th May — Work on adding the sym conversion to PyTave and cleaning up the conversion mechanism in Symbolic.

I think we have done some good work to fulfill the objective. We have had many changes to add proper @sym conversion on Symbolic side. The following 2 PRs take care of that:

Also, we worked on the PyTave side to fix conversion of tuples and booleans properly from python to octave. It can bee seen in the following PRs:


As far as the midterm goals are concerned. We have completed 1a), 1b) 1d) & 2a).

Most of 1c) is also done. For now it is acceptable is my view. We now move to 2b) and 2c).

The next goal (as per timeline is)-
15th June — Improve tests and doctests. Work on building PyTave and testing on Windows. No more crufty XML!

We already got rid of the XML stuff in the new PyTave IPC. We will now be working on adding and improving test coverage of  PyTave (both BISTs and doctests). In approximately 10 days,  we will move on to start trying to build PyTave on windows.


Author: genuinelucifer

I love coding, working on open source projects specially. Even making my own games, softwares... Learning new technologies has always been my cup of tea. :)

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